Thinning hair and hair loss occur due to inadequate nutrition, stress, poor blood circulation, aging and environmental factors. Kara’s Anti-hair loss Scalp Tonic is designed to rebalance conditions of scalp skin and follicles, supply adequate nutrients needed for normal hair growth, rehydrate scalp skin, stimulate blood circulation and control sebum to prevent excessive flaking and clogs.  Daily use of Kara’s Anti-hair loss Scalp Tonic will help healthy hair growth, soothing scalp skin troubles, thicken hair and restore damaged hair due to inadequate hair care like bleaching, hair color, chemical straightening, relaxer, etc.​

As its name implies soapwort forms a soap like lather that is rich in saponins. The parts used are the leaves and root. Soapwort contains water-soluble steroidal saponins, which allow it to form a soap-like lather and act as surface active agents to facilitate cleaning.  Instead of using potentially harmful sulphates, Kara products contain this plant-derived soapwort extract to clean your scalp and hair safely.

Kara Detox Series is made of plant-derived natural ingredients like Seaweed, rice and wheat protein, rosemary leaf extract and free of potentially harsh chemicals like sulphate, paraben, petrochemical, synthetic color and free of animal cruelty.  These mild yet powerful ingredients ensure healthy environment for hair follicles and scalp skin so that you will have smooth, strong, fuller and shiny hair.

Why Kara Products are So Special?

“Beautiful Hair Starts from Healthy Hair Roots”.  Beautiful garden grows on healthily maintained soil. Everything you see in your garden depends on what is happening underground. While many other shampoos concentrate on cleansing hair itself, Kara Detox Series pay attention on scalp as well as hair.

Rice and Wheat protein is used as “Natural Polymer” to replace chemical, synthetic agent. Rice and wheat Protein have many benefits in both skin and hair care. Main benefits include increased hair volume, improved shine in hair care, natural highlights to hair, increased moisture in skin and hair, softened / smooth hair appearance, increased hair flexibility and thickness, improved scalp’s moisture barrier and excellent film former (binds moisture to skin / hair).